100% Ayurvedic

Easy Slim Tea converts an obese body into an energetic slim and trim body. Just drink this Easy Slim Tea 3 times a day & easily attain the desired weight loss. Indeed, it is a life transforming solution for weight management.

  • 100 % safe & natural (natural ingredients with no side effects)
  • Complete Easy Weight Loss solution (easy to take, anywhere)
  • Gives energy, freshness & can be used by all age groups
  • Gives Beautiful & Attractive Personality (Skin Glow and Slim/Trim & Fit Body)
  • Increases the self-confidence (As it enhances your personality, it boosts your confidence / Hence no depression )
  • makes healthy ( physically & mentally) and young( as you lose weight, you look & feel young)
  • Weight maintenance / management ( boosts immunity)
  • Pocket friendly ( no gym / medicines expenses to reduce & maintain weight)

How it works

The all-natural & ayurvedic herbs of Easy Slim Tea are processed by the latest scientific method. These effective natural ingredients work on the liver and activate important function of liver, Catabolism. Catabolism is an important metabolic process which balances the body weight and does not allow the carbohydrates to turn into fats. Instead of depositing extra fats, the body will start to burn the stored fat for energy, hence slowly & surely the fat contain of the body will start dissolving & as a result the body will lose weight.


Easy Slim Tea contains rare & natural ingredients, which are processed by latest scientific method. Easy Slim Tea is a very effective & safe formulation of herbs like nagarmotha, Triphala, Kali mirch, Tagor, Baibidang and other chinese herbs which is delivering excellent results in weight reduction as well as weight management.

How to Use

Easy Slim Tea is the 100 % safe, easy & natural way to lose weight. It can be used by any age group. Hence, it is the most effective weight loss solution, and very easy to use. You only have to drink Easy Slim Tea 3 times a day, before food, that means first in the morning, before breakfast; second in the afternoon, before lunch and third in the night, before dinner. That’s all! And you will experience the fabulous results within a month!
So, friends, no need of costly equipments, health centres, crash dieting to lose weight. Easy Slim Tea is the complete, tried & tested weight management system. Easy Slim Tea is an ayurvedic invention, which can be taken 3 times a day before food, in home, office, while travelling… anywhere… And you lose that stubborn fat safely & easily!!.
Now You know, how easy it is to reduce.. to maintain weight…..easy…… very easy… with Easy Slim Tea……!!!!!!